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Healthcare is your priority, Health IT is ours

BlueNovo is a leading provider of physician & patient-centered healthcare, quality, and technology services for Community Health Centers. We have a senior panel of Healthcare Information Technology (Health IT) experts that serve as industry thought-leaders. Our mission is to partner with our customers in developing and deploying breakthrough solutions that positively impact the conduct and delivery of healthcare.


At BlueNovo, we align ourselves with healthcare organizations to develop optimal strategies for long-term success, and implement real solutions that meet organizational goals.  Throughout each of our service areas, we help healthcare organizations improve quality, productivity, and competitiveness to meet and exceed strategic goals. Our own mission reflects that of our clients – supporting healthcare providers in delivering the highest quality of care to all patient communities.


As the healthcare industry undergoes constant change, BlueNovo’s vision is to provide Community Health Centers with the necessary expertise to adapt and thrive. Our responsibility is to offer a full suite of healthcare technology services and solutions, so that our clients can focus on what they do best – delivering high quality care. We believe in the FQHC mission to provide access to health care for all people, and our goal is to ensure Community Health Centers can continue doing so despite internal and external pressures.



We approach and conduct every business opportunity with a spirit of collaboration & partnership and strive for the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Ethics & Integrity

We believe in quality, values, strength of character and commitment to the get the job done right.

Employee Empowerment

We treat our employees with respect and care and constantly strive to provide them with the tools and resources required to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and initiative.

Community & Social Responsibility

We volunteer in our communities and are committed to a sustainable future by improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of our communities.

What Makes Us The Right Fit?

BlueNovo is set apart by our unique combination of clinical expertise, technical experience, and mindset of doing what is right for our clients.


BlueNovo has industry leading experience in healthcare; the depth and breadth of our experience comes to bear at each and every client interaction.


BlueNovo is objective about selecting, delivering, and supporting organizations’ EMR or other technologies, holding all vendors to same high standards we ask of ourselves.


BlueNovo focuses efforts on what can directly impact patient care. BlueNovo provides the right team of staff to deliver high quality, value, and success.

At BlueNovo, we work hard to bring healthcare organizations to the next level of quality and industry competitiveness so they can focus on what they do best – delivering superior care and improving the health and welfare of the coming generations.

Roopak Manchanda

Managing Partner

Leadership Team

BlueNovo was formed by a diverse group of industry and academic professionals. To this day, from our senior management to each of our practice’s team members, our employee base stems from multiple backgrounds and experiences.

Roopak Manchanda, MS, MBA

Roopak Manchanda, MS, MBA

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner

Diane Lyons

Diane Lyons

Chief Security Officer & vCIO

Dr. Anna Maria Izquierdo

Dr. Anna Maria Izquierdo

Chief Medical Officer

Fernan Caparas

Fernan Caparas

Chief Technology Officer

Alim Pirmohamed

Alim Pirmohamed

Chief Information Officer

Mark Marco

Mark Marco

Director of Enterprise Sales